Rickett’s Point Excursion

Last Thursday the 1/2s went to Rickett’s Point by bus. First we watched a quick video about sea habitats and the animals that live in them. Next we looked for biodiversity on and in the sand and then we grouped the things that we found. After that we explored the rock pools Matilda told us that we have to keep our fingers where we could see them and to walk only on rocks not living things. Some people found shells, sea snails, crab pincers, sea urchins, sea sponges and Neptune’s necklaces. Finally the teachers let us have some free time we could play sand castle, beach ball and frisbee. We enjoyed our time at Rickett’s Point!

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Welcome back Year 1/2

Welcome to 1/2P. I hope you had a good holiday and are ready to work hard and have fun learning new things. Our Integrated Topic  is Staying Safe and learning about ourselves and how special and unique we are.

Mrs June Pereira.


Book Week


Last week we celebrated Book Week. Our theme was ‘Books Light Up Our World.’

On MONDAY we made posters for Book Week. 

On TUESDAY  we read stories in the Library and watched a Fairytale Performance.

On WEDNESDAY we dressed up in swirls and splotches inspired by the book ‘Snail and Turtle are Friends’

On FRIDAY we dressed up as lightning bolts and had our special Book Week Assembly.


The students made caterpillars as a sign of New life and we are learning about Life cycles In Art the students used one geometric shape to create a simple design based on a caterpillar. On a large piece of paper, we used a circle template to trace around 6 or 7 times to create the curving body of the caterpillar making sure the circles touch.Using 3 bright contrasting oil  pastels, to cover the body of the caterpillar with concentric circle patterns. Then covered top of the caterpillar with hairy line patterns using any colour. Create leaf texture using patterns of v shapes, Then added eye, mouth, feet and spots using black oil pastels. Lastly we covered the sky with blue, yellow and green paint wash.   DSCF2205 DSCF2206 DSCF2207


In our class we are growing mealworms. We each have a pet worm. We observe how it grows and changes. Some of our meal worms are turning into a pupa.



Welcome to our Class Blog

On the 22nd of October we went to visit the Springvale Historical Society to learn about Schools in the past. We met Colin who showed some Photos when St. Joseph’s school first opened. We saw a real cane that was used when children did not do their school work. Then we saw old stick pens with nibs and ink that they used in copy writing. It was very interesting learning about the past.

quill pen